We produce fused magnesia in two ways:

In a one-step process by melting raw magnesite directly or using our high-purity, magnesiteflotation-concentrate, prebriquetted in our electric-arc, melting furnaces. We offer lime silica ratios of 1:1 and 2:1 with our one-step fused magnesia.

For our high purity large-crystalsize, fused magnesia, we are melting pre-briquetted balls from our high-purity, caustic, calcined magnesia (CCM). Through the quality of our mine and our production processes, we are in the position to offer fused magnesia with extremely large, periclase crystal size, low iron and low lime content.

Fused Magnesia

Typical specification of our fused magnesia from raw magnesite

(C:S=2:1, one step)

Typical specification of our large crystal fused magnesia from CCM

(C:S=2:1, two step)


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